Web development


We build social media enabled websites, software and mobile apps that connect you to your target market.

web development

Building websites today requires you to use infrastructure that supports social media tools and search engine friendly metadata.  We build sites using either Drupal or Wordpress, depending on what you need the site to do.  Each of those is a "content managment system" (CMS) that makes powerful web tools available to you at a fraction of what it would cost to develop those tools independently.  A combination of software code and your own database, each system instantly creates web pages on the fly each time a user comes to your site.  Changes and updates to the site are easy this way; a global change can be made once and all of your site's pages are updated.

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Wordpress was developed to create blog websites and has since evolved to the point that many corporations use it for their main web presence.  We use Wordpress for clients that want an informational website and strong social media interaction but don't need business processes or e-commerce.


Drupal can do everything but feed the kids.  You can absolutely use it to power a blog - but with a global base of users constantly contributing brilliant modules to expand its capabilities, Drupal has become an enterprise-class platform powering some surprising websites (whitehouse.govwarnerbrosrecords.com and symantec.com/connect, just to name a couple).

We use Drupal for more sophisticated websites and web applications, such as corporate sites with content permissions based on users' credentials.

Website design

It's easier than ever to implement beautiful website design, from customizing professional templates to having your web design custom built from the ground up.  We work with top-notch graphic designers when the project calls for it or can help you find an existing template that feels just right.


Sure, we'll host your website for you.  We'll set you up with a hosting plan that's right for you, be it cloud, shared, virtual dedicated or dedicated.  Sounds complicated; it's not - the right hosting plan is determined by what you're trying to accomplish with your site.

Social media strategy and implementation

We're not saying that search engines are no longer relevant, but these days people don't find content: It finds them - through their social media networks.  We'll help you understand which social media avenues give you the best connection with your target market, help you to connect with them and - if you need the help - create buzz and activity.