Rate Lock Guard

Encompass® has an alert system that notifies users of expiring rate locks on the dashboard of their screens when they're logged in to the system. Some lenders want more than that - a passive system that pushes email alerts to LOs, processors and managers when rate locks are due to expire before loans have shipped.

Enter Rate Lock Guard.

Rate Lock Guard is a stand alone system that integrates with the Encompass® SDK (software development kit).  It runs nightly, checking your active loan folders and finding loans with commitments that are set to expire.  It uses your enterprise email delivery system to send rate lock alerts to the LO, processor and/or manager for problem loans.

Your people have so much going on in their work every day - give them a passive system that pushes potentially costly expiring rate locks into their email inboxes, reaching them wherever they are - even on vacation.

Costing less than a single burned commitment, Rate Lock Guard can protect you, your production staff and your borrowers.

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