Here are a few sites on which we have worked:


Front end (theming) project involving some modification to custom modules developed by the client. The site was built using Drupal 6; the custom theme that we developed is based on Zen 6.x-2.1.

Website helps car enthusiasts buy and sell cars for profit, aggregating ads that meet specific search parameters and facilitating users making bids to purchase cars.


The Aspen Group came to us having created their own "plug and play" website a couple of years ago. While it established a web presence for their company, the website created no new business for them. We conducted an analysis of their industry, determined important keywords with strong SEO value, created entirely new keyword-dense content and built a responsive Drupal site loaded with SEO goodness. We chose a commercially available theme and customized it to meet their needs.

my children's medicaid

Bilingual, Section 508 accessibility compliant website with information on public health services in Texas.  Custom theme based on Zen 5.x base, using AJAX and innovative slider menu built with CSS. Front page image slider has client-editable text overlay. Custom language switcher included in custom module.

The site design is fun, with main menu navigation tabs that rise on mouse hover.  Makes use of i18n internationalization module, views jump menus, advanced meta tags or SEO and xml sitemap.  Late in the project a requirement was discovered that called for popup windows to contain specific content - within an hour this funtionality was added using Colorbox contributed module (this is part of why we love Drupal - the robust set of peer-reviewed, security tested contributed modules!)


Land Title Marketing Solutions screen shotLand Title Marketing Solutions

With Drupal 8 launching in the Spring of 2013, Drupal 6 will soon no longer be supported.  We migrated Land Title Marketing Solutions to Drupal 7, keeping all of their content while changing how internal processes were handled (image styles, for example - in Drupal 6 images were styled using the ImageCache contributed module; in Drupal 7 this funtionality is in core). Built custom theme to maintain continuity with the site's look and feel; the off-the-shelf theme has no Drupal 7 version available.

Harris Home HealthHarris Home Health

Migrated Harris Home Health's brochure website to Drupal 7 using commercial theme and client's own images. Site includes newsletter functionality and gives the client the ability to add back-end business functionality such as document submission, time / job tracking and more.

With a modest budget, this project exemplifies how Drupal can provide a professional looking site with easy client customization using a commercially available theme (the site is even responsive! looks great on a small screen).


entreAmigos is a not-for-profit organization in San Pancho, Nayarit (Mexico!) that provides a library, computer lab, art classes and so much more for an underserved community.  It's an ingenious combination of a recycling business that serves San Pancho and neighboring towns - dramatically reducing litter and waste disposal problems - with a social services organization that provides hope and opportunity to the community of San Pancho.

Since November of 2010 we have served as their system administrators, helping them to migrate to the current version of Wordpress and fend off unauthorized access to their site.


A triathlon club in Douglas County, Colorado.  We developed this site in Drupal 6.x originally, then completely redeveloped it in Drupal 7.x early in 2013.  Using a system of custom views and references, each member of the club has a page which lists his or her upcoming events, as well as results from past events.  Has two separate calendars (one for events, the other for bike box rentals) and automatic processes to keep memberships up to date.

Provides newsletter functionality; uses entity references, views slideshows and superfish menu.

The site uses content permissions based on user credentials (for example, sponsor discount codes are available to club members but cannot be seen by unauthenticated users - in other words the general public).

journeyscounselinggroup.comJourneys Counseling Group

Social media-enabled brochure website and blog for a psychotherapist practice.  Clients wanted more control over their SEO and social media marketing, along with imagery that better conveyed the peaceful emotional state that their practice helps patients to achieve.

Actual testimonial quote from this client: "In my search to find a web-designer for my new business website, there was not a single person who I spoke with that was nearly as professional, accessible, communicated as well, and was as honest as Jordan.  I would recommend him to anyone, in any field, and am beyond happy with the work he did for us, and the support that he provides."

Thanks for the kind words!



Built this Wordpress site by thoroughly customizing a professional template to capture the exact look and feel that the client was looking for - from the site's images and colors down to the text font itself.

This is a great example of a hybrid approach to website design:  If your budget doesn't include enough for a full-blown custom website design done by a graphic artist, we can find a professional template that gets you most of the way down the field, then adapt it to your liking.

Going for a very visual appeal, doncommpr.com uses Wordpress both for providing a corporate brochure site and a professional blog linked to the client's social media accounts. 

Great client; fun to work with as well.  We highly recommend them if you need public relations help.

Ali Lassen LeadsAli Lassen Leads

Drupal site built with mobile-first design for member-based organization.  User permissions restrict access to members-only features and information.  Used as a demonstration of how quickly and easily Drupal can provide mobile and tablet-based application functionality.

Next Step CounselingAli Lassen Leads

Conversion of a static html site to Wordpress CMS.  Client wanted to update fonts and content and merge her main website with the blog that she had been keeping on a separate platform; changes to her site had been costly and slow using a static html strategy.  Developed custom template and moved her to her own hosting account.

Client testimonial:  "Woo Hoo!! And it looks fabulous!! You did an amazing job and I am thrilled to be more autonomous and not 100% dependent on my other developer for changes. You rock!! Seriously!"

Thanks, Sunny!


Innovative Drupal 7.x-based website serving commission-based salespeople.  Includes a social media tool that I developed to automatically create a professional blog on the fly for any subscriber to the service.  Each subscriber's blog is updated daily by the website's administrator and posted to the subscriber's Twitter account. 

Huge selling point is that it's a passive social media tool - commission-based sales people are famous for being so busy selling that they don't do what they know they should do: Update their social media presence daily.  Makes great use of time leverage as well - site administrators can serve hundreds of subscribers in moments daily.

Provides professional, non-religious, non-political content that reinforces the subscribers' brand as trusted experts within their profession.  Users can always add content of their own for more personalization.


Brochure website using Wordpress for a company specializing in social media, web and sponsor strategy in the motorsports world.  We consult for fluidmarketingmix on web development and social media tools.  For example, for many sites we recommend having users comment on site articles or postings using their Twitter account - the comment serves a dual purpose this way: interaction with the site itself and promoting the site to the commenter's Twitter following.

Our favorite part of the fluidmarketingmix project is the synergy between sponsors (who have money to spend if they can connect in social media space with people in their target market), race teams (who have passionate followers that align their own identities with the teams they follow) and social media tools (that allow these passionate followers to truly connect with the race teams and the brands that sponsor them).  It's a 360 degree love-fest.


Although we took this website down in late 2010 when HUD's $100 down payment purchase incentive program expired, we're including it here because of how powerful it was.  The site imported data on publicly-owned foreclosed homes (HUD homes); we had over 23,000 homes in my site's database.  Each home had its own page with property information, a photo and a link to a prequalification form.  We met a few new prospective buyers each week for free, then increased that figure using keyword marketing campaigns.

The real fun came when we learned that Google was experimenting with a project that would include information on homes for sale ("Google Base", a program that they have deprecated now).  We developed a script with which my site would upload fresh data from my database every Friday.  The site's traffic skyrocketed because before showing any website results when a computer user searched for a particular property address, google would display a map of the property's location - and embedded in that map was a pin pointing to our website's page for that listing.  Great fun while it lasted.